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Getting to know the company FMDcabinets

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Getting to know the company FMDcabinets With over 30 years of excellence in the kitchen cabinet industry, FMDC Company has carved out a distinguished niche as a premier kitchen cabinets…

With over 30 years of excellence in the kitchen cabinet industry, FMDC Company has carved out a distinguished niche as a premier kitchen cabinet manufacturer. This company stands out in San Jose due to its extensive production capabilities, bolstered by a robust human resource base, state-of-the-art machinery, and an unparalleled flair for design. FMDC’s commitment to crafting alluring, high-quality products is demonstrated by its meticulous attention to construction, painting, and installation. Always utilizing the finest materials, FMDC ensures its products are among the most elite in the industry, well-suited for outfitting any kitchen. Moreover, their unwavering dedication to transparent pricing, and their punctuality in project completion as per contract terms, underscore their exceptional service quality.

What kind of products does FMDC manufacture?

The strength of FMDC’s brand is most vividly reflected in its diverse product range. Offering both custom and pre-fabricated cabinets, FMDC caters to the needs of a wide variety of customers. Let’s delve into some of the standout offerings from FMDC.

Custom Cabinets:

Whether you’re renovating or constructing a new house, the need for kitchen cabinets is inevitable. You should select your cabinet during the project’s early stages, with guidance from experienced consultants. FMDC allows you to order directly, eliminating intermediaries while providing a total price. Some of their affordable product offerings include vanity, countertops, and hardware.

company FMDcabinets

An Overview of FMDC Custom Services:

FMDC’s custom services entail the following:

Frameless Cabinets:

These are gaining popularity for their sleek, minimalist design. Known as European cabinets, FMDC takes pride in building these using best-practice principles to ensure the highest quality.

Framed Cabinets:

Also referred to as American cabinets, these offer strength due to their structure — the doors are attached to the frame. Despite their traditional design, they maintain a loyal following. FMDC exhibits remarkable expertise in manufacturing these cabinets.

Wall Cabinets:

FMDC offers a variety of wall cabinet sizes for ultimate customization. The clients must specify their desired cabinet height and position based on ceiling height, design, and personal preferences.

Base Cabinets:

FMDC boasts a diverse selection of base kitchen cabinets available in various heights, widths, depths, and colors. Clients can choose interior fittings, such as adjustable shelves and drawers. The rest is handled expertly by FMDC.

Pantry Cabinets

Pantry designs that are appealing and affordable allow optimizing your kitchen space while enhancing its aesthetics and organization. With ample storage for your dishes and kitchen utensils, your kitchen can remain neat and visually pleasing. A well-organized pantry also makes accessing utensils and food ingredients considerably easier.

Ready-Made Cabinets:

Pre-made cabinets offer a convenient solution for those with limited time or budget to revamp their kitchen. Expertly crafted by MFD Cabinet specialists, these ready-to-install cabinets come in various styles to seamlessly elevate your kitchen’s appearance.

Price and Quality:

FMDC is committed to using first-rate, high-quality materials in all its products. As such, FMDC’s products are synonymous with superior quality. We employ consistent construction methods for both framed and frameless kitchen cabinets, allowing you to select your preferred aesthetic after examining the distinct styles of each.

FMDC Specialists:

Creating an ideal kitchen with perfect cabinets involves materials, tools, consultation, design, construction, and installation, which necessitates the involvement of a professional, specialized team, the significance of which will be discussed later.


Consulting on cabinet design can greatly facilitate the design process and its implementation. Given the variety of cabinet qualities available today, many people find the selection process confusing and often daunting. Here, the expertise of an FMDC consultant can be invaluable. With current product trend knowledge and a deep understanding of different materials, our consultants can guide you, providing comprehensive yet concise information to mitigate the risk of poor choices and save time on cabinet selection and design.

FMDC consultants assist you with key factors, including style selection, which greatly influences your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. Color selection is another area where an FMDC consultant’s knowledge of psychology, aesthetics, and other relevant aspects can prove useful.

In addition, spatial constraints such as clashing wall colors, structural columns in the kitchen, numerous windows, or irregularly shaped walls can present significant challenges. These can be easily addressed with expert advice, providing innovative solutions for such hurdles. Item arrangement also forms part of the consultation. The efficiency of your kitchen hinges on a layout that considers all needs, and our consultants can help you achieve that.


The principles of pantry design form a significant aspect of kitchen interior design. Modern kitchen pantry design follows certain rules and guidelines, and when executed correctly, results in an exquisitely stylish and beautiful kitchen. At FMDC, our seasoned designers leverage professional software and adhere to international standards to craft pantry designs. You can peruse thousands of our ready-made designs, or if you have a specific concept in mind, we can visualize it for you with a 3D rendering before implementation.


Selecting a professional cabinetmaker can be challenging in revamping your kitchen cabinets. Apart from the cost, factors such as the quality of their work, professional experience, portfolio, and reviews from previous clients are crucial considerations. FMDC employs skilled cabinetmakers to ensure exceptional craftsmanship and quality while keeping manufacturing costs in check.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation:

Kitchen cabinets are cornerstone elements in any kitchen, and their installation can vary greatly depending on the kitchen’s dimensions, the cabinet model, and the material type. Each cabinet must be uniquely designed, crafted, and prepared for installation to fit a specific kitchen’s dimensions and aesthetic, aligning with the home’s overall interior decoration and the client’s preferences. The installation stages are critically important, and the principles of installing cabinets will differ based on the kitchen design. Proper and correct installation not only enhances the lifespan and durability of the cabinets but also augments the overall beauty of the kitchen space. This task requires professional expertise and should only be undertaken by experienced installers. At FMDC, we prioritize having skilled and experienced installers perform all our installations.


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